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The REAL Travel Guidebook
CD-ROM and Web Site

The difference: We only give you evaluations for destinations that we have REALLY visited and tell you what we REALLY though, and what it REALLY costs.

This is REAL information, from REAL people, spending their own money. There are no banner ads here and few pictures will load unless you request them. Nothing blinks or scrolls. Just information and it's REAL. None of this information is the result of travel-industry junkets paid for in exchange for good reviews or bookings. You can't buy your way onto this web page. Unfortunately for some establishments, you can't buy your way out either. We have visited these places and make these comments as a normal travelers, not as VIP guests.

The information is sorted by location, by category, and by various journeys that we have taken. The latest additions to the website are also noted. For each location you may find information on restaurants, hotels, attractions, annual events, beaches, car rental agencies, travel agents, other links, etc. You get the same info on journeys, but in a geographically connected manner, with comments on the sights and distances, and links to restaurant and hotel information. You will have to use the travelogue link on these pages to jump back to the travelogue, or in the case of extreme laziness on the part of the site manager, the back button on your browser. As we travel frequently, the site is constantly under construction

This document last modified on: April 7, 2003