SVPI10117 - SimplyVPI Windows plotting solution

Version 2.07 October 19, 2000


The SVPI10117 product is 'Simply VPI' which is a Windows printer driver and Ikon 10117 driver package that allows you to output to a monchrome raster type plotter with a Versatec differential interface from Windows applications.  Plotters of this type are available from OYO, Atlantec, Versatec, and Xerox.  The plotter appears as a Windows printer - just like an ink jet printer would.  Any Windows application that an print to an ink jet can print to the plotter.  Note that this means it is treated as a fixed page size printer.  Simply VPI is a 'shrink wrap' product and sells for $695.00 (software license - Tahoma Tech 10117 board not included, but required). This supports Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0, Win2000 with the Tahoma 10117 PCI card.


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