PCD-OEM - Parallel Class Driver - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Version 1.05 Sept. 30, 1999


The PCD-OEM (Parallel Class Driver - Original Equipment Manufacturer) is an OEM product that is a Windows device driver that requires the OEM to write software that drives the plotter.  This is similar to the AIX VIP1017 driver that we sell to OEM's presently.  OEM's write additional software to be able to generate plots thru this driver.  The OEM license is $100.00 per board.  Ikon provides similar device drivers with source code for free on their ftp site for SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, and Linux.  This supports Windows NT 4.0 and Win2000 with 10117 PCI cards. It does NOT support Windows 95, 98, or ME.  It does NOT support the Ikon ISA bus  cards (10092, 10097, 100111).  Note that this is not a total plotting solution, but only one piece of a plotting solution. It requires that the application that is plotting specifically support the Moxie PCD programming interface (API).


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