Ikon MS-DOS ACAD PRP Spooler Model IVAS1015

Version 1.20 June 12, 1996
Manual Revised June12, 1996

Copyright 1992,1993 Interface Consultants, Inc., Houston, TX
Interface Consultants, Inc.  3375 Westpark Drive #143, Houston, TX 77005-4262


1. Introduction

The Interface Consultants Model IVAS1015 Ikon MS-DOS ACAD PRP Spooler program is a DOS application program (exe file) that plots a PRP raster file generated in AutoCad to a Versatec Greensheet compatible plotter.

The IVAS1015 Spooler program requires the IVBD1013 TSR driver to be loaded and initialized. See the IVBD1013 documentation for details.

The IVAS1015 Spooler program can plot color or monochrome PRP raster files. AutoCad must be configured to generate a printer/plotter (PRP) file by selecting the ADI binary file output.

2. Installation of the software

Copy all the files on the distribution diskette into a working directory, e.g.:
C:\>mkdir drivers
C:\>copy a:\*.* drivers

Set the PATH to the installation directory, or alternatively, use the full path with the program name, e.g.:

The Spooler is executed by typing 'ivas' at the DOS prompt. The IVBD1013 TSR driver must be already loaded and initialized. See the IVBD1013 documentation for details.

A sample PRP file (tutorial.prp) is provided for testing. It is a 8.5" by 11.0" monochrome plot rasterized at 100 DPI.

3. Configuring AutoCad

AutoCad must be configured to generate a PRP file at the correct size, resolution, and colors for your plotter. Before you start, you need to know the resolution (dots per inch or DPI) of your plotter, and the width of your plotter (in inches). In general, make the width you specify in ACAD smaller than the actual plotter bytes per scan. The IVAS spooler automatically pads the scans with blank data to the width of the plotter's bytes per scan. ACAD supports a maximum 65,535 pixels in the X and Y plot direction (number of pixels equals the dimension (inches) times the resolution (DPI)). Making the dimensions larger than required makes the plot take more time to rasterize in ACAD and increases the memory (RAM and disk) requirements.

Trouble shooting tip: If you are having problems with ACAD creating a PRP file, configure ACAD for a smaller plot size and test that configuration, working your way up in size to find the limit within ACAD.

The steps to configure ACAD are:
Run Auotcad: ACAD /enter/
Select - Configure AutoCad: 5 /enter/
Confirm selection: /enter/
Select - Configure printer plotter: 6 /enter/
Confirm - Do you want to select a different one? : Y /enter/
Select - Autodesk Device Interface: 2 /enter/
Select - Specify plot size in millimeters? : N /enter/
Enter - Maximum horizontal (X) plot size in inches: (this depends on your plotter)
Enter - Printer dots per inch in the horizontal (X) direction: (this depends on your plotter)
Enter - Maximum vertical (Y) plot size in inches: (this depends on your plotter)
Enter - Printer dots per inch in the vertical (Y) direction: (this depends on your plotter)
Select - Output Method = Binary File: 0 /enter/
Enter- Does the printer plotter support color? : (Y for color, N for monochrome)

Answer the other configuration items as required, and save the configuration.

4. Creating a PRP raster file in AutoCad

The steps to create a raster file are:
Run Auotcad: ACAD /enter/
Select your drawing into the drawing editor
Select printer/plotter output: PRPLOT /enter/
This creates a PRP file with the same name as the drawing with file extension .PRP

You can also select print plot from the opening menu by selecting:
4. Printer plot a drawing

5. IVAS - plotting a PRP file

The IVAS program sends an ACAD PRP file to the plotter. Typical usage is:
C:\>IVAS -b2104 -ftest.prp

Where -b2104 is the bytes per scan of the plotter (2104 bytes per scan) and -ftest.prp is the ACAD PRP raster file name (test.prp).

The following is the screen output from the IVAS program:

IVAS1015 MS-DOS ACAD PRP Spooler program - version 1.01
Mar-24-1993 Copyright Interface Consultants 1993

Usage: ivas -b<> [-d<>] [-p<>] [-l<>] [-n<>] [-r{1|2}] [-f<>] [-c<>] [-i] [-v]
-b /plotter bytes per scan/ required(e.g.2104 for color 8944-4r)
-d /dma_size in Kb/ (optional - default=16 max=128)
-p /plotter nib density/ (optional - default=same as plot) (required with color plot files)
-l /max plot length/ (optional - default = 84 inches)
-n /number of copies/ (optional - default=1)
-r1 replicate dots in software (optional - default=no, )
-r2 replicate dots in plotter (optional - default=no) (requires -p<> option)
-f /file name/ PRP file to dma to port
-c /command/ Remote command to plotter, can be:
VRST - Versatec Remote Reset
VCLR - Versatec Remote Clear
VTFF - Versatec Remote Form Feed
VEOT - Versatec End or Terminate
VRLT - Versatec Remote Line Terminate
-i inhibit automatic form feed at end of plot
-v verbose mode

Note: args are executed left to right as found, multiple files in different modes can be sent in a single command. e.g. ivas -b2104 -d32 -f test.prp plots ACAD printer plot file 'test.prp'

6. IVAS - demo version

The IVAS program is available as a demo.

This version of IVAS has all of the full features of the licensed version. However, it overlays the plot with the words "Interface Consultants" when it generates the plot.

If you would like to purchase this product, please feel free to contact us here at Interface Consultants for more information.

7. Revision History

1.20 06/12/96
- updated for release on Internet as a demo.